Public Speaking

Public speaking is the skill of delivering a clear and engaging message to a live audience, applicable in business, education, conferences, and social settings. It requires effective communication, audience engagement, and persuasive delivery.

Thoroughly research your topic. Organize your thoughts and structure your speech.

Maintain good posture and use open, confident gestures. Make eye contact with the audience to establish a connection.

Project confidence through your body language and voice. Practice mindfulness and positive self-talk to boost your confidence.

Encourage audience interaction through questions or activities. Use relatable anecdotes, examples, or humor to connect with listeners.

A Speech By Jabed Akhter

Innovation is not just a buzzword it's the lifeblood of our industry. I encourage every member of the Tech family to embrace a culture of innovation. Together, we can push boundaries, challenge the status quo, and continue to be architects of the future.